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The Faerie Realm

When the first baby laughed for the first time, his laugh broke into a million pieces, and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies.

"...the two worlds intermingle and unite and the Magick abounds! It is the time when the Faeries return from their winter respite, carefree and full of fairey mischief and faerie delight...."




...The fairies are slumbering for the winter...         

         ....but will return to Charmed on The First Day of Spring

           ... for more Mischief and Magick ....


Join us for this very special all day Faerie  Crafternoon!!

Today is our Grand Opening of Faerie School!!
And what better day than the first day of Spring!

12-2:30: Ages 8 and up: $20 (includes 1 Free Adult)
The Faeries are awakening from their Wintertime slumber!
Now it the time for all Faeries to help prepare for the return of Queen Mab in May!
Our new Faeries in training begin their day with:
A Faerie Makeover with Face painting and glittery fun !
Fairy Do's and Don't s are next in The Fae Q & A !
Next: Crafting & decorating Fairy Doors.
And then the children will learn The Secret Magick of Fairy/Pixie Dust while making their very own!
1:30-2:30pm Tea Party: Each child will be given their own unique Fairy name while enjoying Enchanted Garden Tea Cakes, Caterpillar Kabobs, and Faerie Berry Punch.
A Faerie School Certificate is given to each child at the end of Tea Time.

Then Faerie Crafternoon continues...

3-5:30: Adult Faerie Crafternoon! Adults 21 and older $25
Welcome the Faeries back from their Wintertime slumber on the first day of Spring,in the Adult version of this fun and informative workshop party!
We begin with a Faerie Make up and Face Painting Lesson.
Then Explore the Legend and Magick of The Fae, as we craft Fairy Garden Houses and Queen Mab Potpourri.
4:30pm: Tea Time !!
Enjoy Enchanted Garden Tea Cakes, Queen Mab Muffins, and sip Titania's Tea while Lady Tara reads your Tea Leaves and explains The Art of Taseomancy (Tea Leaf Readings).

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Now That we have your attention, we have designed a brand new website for Charmed. This new site has the latest updates, events and info about Charmed as well as a brand new, user friendly shopping cart !

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You can still view and shop on this original site, but soon this will be an information only site.

Thanks for being our loyal friends and customers the last 5 years!

We truly appreciate YOU!






 Video from our former Main Street location.



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